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Meet Graham Dessert Your Host, Coach, & Founder...

As a seasoned entrepreneur, extreme endurance athlete, husband, father, and grandpa with a degree in Business, Graham is an expert in self and team leadership. He uses the sustainable, effective inside out approach. He works with budding leaders to highly successful and affluent business owners, executives, and influencers in the marketplace, as a leadership trainer, to help them build the tools needed to lead themselves so that they can lead others.

Simply put, Graham builds fit leaders. One of his core values is leading fit.

"If you are going to lead, be fit physically, mentally, and spiritually. You will be more effective with a body that functions well, a mind that is sound, and a full spirit."

He teaches workshops and seminars, and speaks on topics like:

The Importance Of A Strong Identity, Creating Vision, The Leaders Mindset, The Leaders DNA, Coaching For High Performance, How Food & Supplements Effect Performance, Physical Fitness & Training, Solving Complex Problems, The Execution Blueprint, & Building Trusting Relationships.

Business Coach, Trainer, Writer, Speaker:

As an entrepreneur since 2001, business coach since 2008, collegiate athlete, extreme endurance athlete, and spending over 1500 hours with retired Special Operators and Navy SEALS in physical and mental training exercises, Graham applies all his experiences and skills into his workshops and trainings.

Graham specializes in creating leaders, scaling businesses, effective recruiting & hiring, leadership development, neuro-cycle training, mindset and habit creation, physical body transformation, & building trusting relationships.

Certified Facilitator & Coach

Graham received his training directly from the best in the world of franchise leadership development programs. He was certified as a facilitator & coach for The Franchise Company a branch of The First Service Corp in 2006. He has trained thousands of employees in companies he has worked in or owned over his career. He also assisted in developing an internal leadership development online university for his Roofing101 employees called DevelopU

Our Head Coach, Graham Dessert, Has Been Featured In:

Talking shop with billionaire Priceline founder Jeff Hoffman

Murph every day for 1 year complete. Retired SEAL Commander Mark Divine joined me for the last one.

Enjoying a victory swim at the Hot Gates of Thermopylae Greece after Sparta300 (235 mile run) with retired SEALs Mitch Aguiar & Jeff Gumm, and athletes Kyle Maynard and Jolene Cook.

Navy SEAL BUDs simulation for civilians complete. 60 hours of no sleep, all gas, and no brakes. This was the event that taught me how to perform under extreme pressure.

Key Note speaker at the College Pro Presidents Club Conference. About 500 young entrepreneurs in the audience.

Murph Challenge 2022 photoshoot with retired SEAL Michael Sauers, a host of retired Spec Ops, and actors in recent Amazon Prime Show - The Terminal List

Guest Speaker of CEO Panel @ American Contractor Summit

Training with Ashley Horner and my wife Sarah.

Veterans Day desert training with this group of elite athletes. Pictured Prime Hall, Jason Wood, Kara Lazauskas, Robert Owens, Chase Mattson (actor), Kylieann Price.

After a beach training with Jesse Iztler

Just finished recording an epic podcast with my buddy Steve Weatherford who was named the Fittest Man in The NFL

After training for 30 days I completed a full length triathlon with my endurance trainer and world record holder James "Ironcowboy" Lawrence. He completed 100 full distance triathlons in 100 days.

Ending a 4 hour desert training exercise with Chase Mattson (actor) & a dozen other elite athletes. Event was sponsored by Ten Thousand, we raised over $22k for Veteran suicide prevention.

Completing the Grand Canyon R2R2R with retired SEAL Mitch Aguiar. Equivalent to climbing Mt Everest, we finished in 20 hours.

Wrapping up some mindset training with Chriss Smith, retire SEAL & founder of Trident Mindset.