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simple, we build leaders. 


 A Leadership and Performance Coaching Platform designed for leaders of all ages  in all arenas of influence.




The Leader's Nation

The Adult Program

Ages 18+

Here we address the biggest issues leaders face...lack of focus & clarity, continued missing targets, break down of trust in teams, lack of life balance, overall skill deficiencies...

We attack this with a sustainable and proven approach - leading from the inside out. 

The by-products of The League are healthy relationships, high productivity, and purpose filled lives for all our members.  



Our Head Coach, Graham Dessert, Has Been Featured In:

"We create leaders that...

win in life, personally & professionally..."

Meet your host, head coach, and founder of League of Leaders.  

As a seasoned entrepreneur, extreme endurance athlete, husband, father, and grandpa with a degree in Business, Graham is an expert in self and team leadership. He uses the sustainable, effective inside out approach. He works with budding leaders to highly successful and affluent business owners, executives, and influencers in the marketplace, as a leadership trainer, to help them build the tools needed to lead themselves so that they can lead others.

Simply put, Graham builds fit leaders.

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League Of Leaders

simple, we build leaders.


"Is this just another club or boring leadership class?"  

"There is nothing else like it out there.  The League is not just another club or boring leadership class.  We address issues we all deal with so that we can effectively lead our own lives, teams, businesses, & families.  Mastering these techniques will increase your performance, no matter your industry or age."

"I don't lead anyone right now.  Doesn't seem like it's for me."  

"Great point, that's actually why this program exists.  We create leaders.  You lead yourself long before you lead anyone else.  We help you get squared away so you can start to lead others effectively!"

"Money isn't an issue, I'm just not sure I have time to do this."

"If you are not sure or if you think you won't have the time you won't.  Make time to have time is what we live here.  If it is important enough you will make it happen.  This is all part of developing into a high performing leader.  At some point you will need to stretch yourself.  It's what we call the Rubber Band Principle.  The rubber band is only useful when it is stretched.  How does that apply to you?"

Get in the League, lead like a champion!



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